FREE coloring books: HAP

FREE coloring books: HAP

FREE COLORING BOOKS for your children!

The Hmong American Partnership has free coloring books for kids. Parents can pick up one for each child. There are various coloring books for both boys and girls. These coloring books have puzzles, mazes, math, and other learning activities inside to keep kids busy. Again, these are free for parents to pick up for their children. Please limit one for each child so everyone has a chance to get one.


Citizenship Class

Citizenship Class

While the majority of the Hmong have been in the United States for more than 40 years; many Hmong refugees have still not been naturalized due to various reasons.  The Hmong fought for the United States during the Secret War in Laos and were forced to leave their homeland to avoid oppression; and started arriving in the US in the early 70’s.

The Hmong American Partnership of the Fox Cities serves refugees throughout the Fox Valley area and recognized the needs of some Hmong families to prepare for the US naturalization process.  Executive Director, Nao Bee Yang, holds an instructional class every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm for members of our Hmong community.  He graciously gives his time to help educate those who have limited English communication skills.  The goal is to work and practice all 100 questions by the end of the 10 week course, and hopefully maximize the chances of passing the actual US Naturalization test.

This class is part of an initiative from HAP to provide free and instructional workshops for members of the community.  Our objective is to invest back into our community by helping educate our citizens.

Call the Hmong American Partnership at 920-739-3192 to sign up for future classes or find out how you can assist to make a difference.

Executive Director Nao Bee Yang shares a laugh with his class.

Crossways: Youth summer camp

Crossways: Youth summer camp

The Hmong American Partnership and Crossways Camping Ministries have partnered up to provide 15 spots for Hmong youths to attend a 6 day 5 nights camp this summer.  This was made possible with a grant from the Bouwer Family Foundation in Appleton that will pay for all 15 Hmong campers.  This will be free to all 15 campers.

Parents with children going into 1st grade through 12th grade can download the registration form from our site, fill it out and mail or email it back to us at HAP or stop in at HAP to fill out the registration form.  Space is limited and it is on a first come first serve basis.  The dates for the camping trip is from July 30 –  August 4, 2017.  The camp site will be at Pine Lake Camp in Waupaca, WI.  Families will have to drop off child or children on Sunday July 30th and pick up children on Friday August 4th at Pine Lake Camp in Waupaca.


For more information, please see Info Sheet or call the Hmong American Partnership at 920-739-3192.

Click the “Download” button below to download the PDF application.

Learn Hmong: 2017 Summer School

Learn Hmong: 2017 Summer School

HAP is offering Hmong classes again for students this summer (serving grades 3 to 12th).  Please see the flyer below for more information and application.  Note: The flyer has 2 pages; so be sure to click on the “next page” arrow to view the 2nd page which is the application.  Or you may simply download the entire flyer by clicking on the download button. Thank you.


Click on the download button below to download the PDF application.  Thank you.

Citizenship Classes: Now being offered at HAP

Citizenship Classes: Now being offered at HAP

The Hmong American Partnership Fox Valley, Inc will host a Citizenship/Naturalization class for those who want to study for their citizenship test.  The class will be a 5-week class.  Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday beginning February 28th through March 30, 2017 from 6pm to 8pm at the Hmong American Partnership Fox Valley, Inc.  The class schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday                                               Thursday

Feb 28                                                   March 2

March 7                                                March 9

March 14                                             March 16

March 21                                             March 23

March 28                                             March 30

April 4                                                 April 6

April 11                                               April 13

April 18                                               April 20

April 25                                               April 27

May 2                                                  May 4

Tuesdays, we will start a new set of questions and review Thursdays.  We will work and practice all 100 questions by the end of the 10 weeks or however long it may take to complete all the questions. We will discuss the Reading and Written part of the test after we have completed all 100 questions.  We will talk about study techniques and what to listen for to identify key words when they give you the oral test.  We will work at your pace.  Come when you can, you don’t have to start from the beginning.  We have a Hmong student from UW-Oshkosh volunteer who can help you catch up if needed.

All sessions will be from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

You must attend all of the classes in order to prepare for the test.  It is NOT one class for one test.  There are 100 questions to learn and we will teach you all of the questions and answers in segments of 25 questions each Tuesday and then review each Thursday. We will discuss the oral and written as well as other aspects of the test during the last week of class.  Call the Hmong American Partnership at 920-739-3192 to sign-up for the class. 

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